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What We Offer

Dehling Voigt Inc. is ready to fulfill your home exterior project needs. We will provide you personalized services as licensed and insured roofing contactors and we’ve the tools and experience for success.
Browse through our services below, and get in touch for a free estimate today.  Contact us today and get ahead of unpredictable Wisconsin weather by getting your roofing needs on our schedule now. 
We provide estimates year round.

Roofers at Work


No job to small or large
Residential, Commercial or Industrial

The longevity and quality of your roof depends on each step of the process and each layer of the roofing system.   Let us help you take care of perhaps the largest purchase of your lifetime.   You can prevent the costly project of a total roof replacement by having it maintained or repaired on a regular basis.  If you have any of the following happening, it may be time for replacement.  Our team will provide your personalized solutions.

  • Broken tiles

  • Cracks in the roof allowing water or snow inside

  • Damaged, missing or lifted shingles 

  • Roof that is very old or past warranty

Brick Wall


Masterful Masonry by Jason and the Team

Cracks or gaps in the brickwork around your house can allow drafty air, bugs and rainwater to get inside. Don't wait for wet walls or major water intrusion.  

  • Tuck pointing is a style of masonry used to fill joints in brickwork and prevent any water from penetrating your walls. Many consider it as one of the most effective techniques to keep water out of your brickwork and extend its lifespan.


  • If you have a chimney attached to your house, you will want to have it inspected and  maintained regularly. If you notice crumbling or brick particles falling off your chimney, call on Dehling Voigt, Inc. immediately before a small problem becomes a major issue with water penetration.  

gutter from second story brick.jpg


Customized to Your Preferences and Building

Keep rainwater and snow off your roof with a customized system.  Choose from many types of great gutters and we will install a total rainwater removal system.  We have completed many specialized gutter systems for our clients over the years. 

  • Brass gutter brackets

  • Copper gutters

  • Gutter guards

  • Seamless gutters

  • Leader heads

  • Ornamental downspouts

  • Rain chains

  • Rainwater harvesting systems

  • Sheet metal design work

  • Troughs and downspouts

Services: Services
Window Closeup


When you’re looking for top quality work for window and door installs, Dehling Voigt Inc. is here to help. Our team of professionals are available to provide a wide range of customizable options. 

Lets talk about the replacement of any old, drafty, ugly windows and doors that no longer match, provide energy savings or provide a clear view of the outdoors.   There are many styles and manufactures providing traditional and modern looks for your home or office.

Image by Jon Moore


 The exterior of your building can be damaged after years of exposure to wind, rain, snow and more here in Wisconsin.   Neglecting siding or having it in  poor condition can lead to severe consequences, including water damage, mold growth, pest problems, structural issues, and more. If parts of your property's siding have been damaged, have it repaired rather than replaced and save yourself a full house siding replacement. We use only the highest quality, nationally-known brand name siding materials on every job.  When it is time, upgrade your home's exterior and increase the value of your home.  Lots of choices available to bring you amazing curb appeal and peace of mind.

  • Wood

  • Metal

  • Fiber cement

  • Vinyl

  • Stone

  • Brick



Dehling Voigt understands the issues building owners, property managers, condo & HOA associations and managers face.   Dehling Voigt is licensed and insured and ready to meet with your team to protect your business.   Every commercial project is special.  Take comfort we have decades of experience and ready to help you repair or replace your commercial roof.  Contact us today and we can inspect and plan with your for your specific roofing project.

  • TPO

  • PVC

  • Modified Bitumen

  • Built-up

  • Epoxy

  • Metal Coatings and Rusty Roof Restoration

  • FiberTite



Ready to remodel your home exterior from top to bottom?   We are here to help.   Lets talk and walk your property to understand your expectations and project goals for your total home exterior remodel.

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